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Val's AARS Challenge
by Valarie Delana
Challenging all my friends to donate at least $5.00 to help reach their goal for a new intake & isolation building.
Goal: $1,500.00
8% Funded

Patrick Larkin ❤s Ben Wheeler Fire Dept
by Patrick Larkin
I live near the tiny unincorporated town of Ben Wheeler Texas, which has a big heart. The volunteer fire department of Ben Wheeler (BWFD) provides fire & rescue services within 44 square mile district, and mutual aid to surrounding fire departments. A small stipend from Van Zandt County covers the cost of utilities for the fire station, but BWFD relies on donations for everything else including vehicle repairs, firefighter PPE, and rescue/extraction tools ("Jaws-of-Life"). Since I first volunteered in 2014, we've made many improvements, but it's always a struggle to make ends meet. Your support means a great deal to me, and a whole lot to the community and to travelers through Ben Wheeler who may need emergency response services.

(Many thanks to my wife Kate Larkin for putting together the funny slideshow.)
Goal: $1,000.00
10% Funded

Support Our Community!
by Kelly Autery
A lot of volunteers have given up their Saturdays to help build up this nonprofit. Bread for the Hungry is going to do great things for the folks in the surrounding areas! I'm challenging all of my friends, family, and members of our community to help me reach a small fundraising goal of just $250. Thanks!
Goal: $250.00
40% Funded

by Tiffany DuBose
Hey y'all! An amazing couple I have had the pleasure of meeting has started a food bank "Bread For the Hungry" here in wills point. This has been a life long dream of theirs and it has really touched my heart. Having had to use food banks in my past I am so thrilled that they have started this amazing nonprofit organization here in my small town. I am starting this online fundraiser to help them with the fees and cost of running their dream!! Any amount helps out and 100% is giving back to the community in helping others!! Please donate to help this AMAZING couple help out our small town. God Bless
Goal: $500.00
0% Funded

Support BVT!
by Kristi Nipp
Breckenridge Village is a wonderful place! Please give to this deserving place. All proceeds directly benefit the residents and day program attendees.
Goal: $500.00
11% Funded

Donate for Drew & his BVT friends
by Susan Smith
The Smith family is blessed with a loving and safe home for Drew.
Goal: $500.00
0% Funded

Tyler's Birthday Giveback
by Tyler Yost
I love to DONATE and GIVEBACK to help others. Bright Star Baseball is an organization that holds a special place in my heart. It allows me and my friends the opportunity to play baseball during the spring and fall season. Bright Star Baseball is raising money to build our very own all weather rubberized field. For my birthday this year, I'm asking that you please consider donating to my fundraiser.
Thank you for your support and donation!
Goal: $500.00
49% Funded

Save Our Environment
by Karen Pfoertner
Goal: $500.00
21% Funded

Support The Arts!
by Teresa Shick
My youngest two children attend Caldwell Arts Academy. (K-8) This school is simply amazing. My kids in any given day have Dance class, vocals, graphic design, film making, instrumentals, art, and still have their CORE academic classes! This year we are participating in East Texas Giving Day. Please consider a donation to our organization via the Caldwell Arts Alliance. Your donation makes a significant impact to these children and the amazing art programs that Caldwell Arts Academy provides.
Goal: $3,000.00
0% Funded

Beth's Fit Steps Fundraiser
by Beth Filla
Cancer doesn't care. It doesn't care about your background, your family, your plans, your activities, anything.
Cancer derails. You might think you have your month, week, day planned. Until cancer enters your life. Everything turns into a free-for-all. You might think things are going well, that you are fairly strong and in-shape. Until cancer enters your life.
From the diagnosis, to the treatments, to the continuation of life with added physical/emotional/spiritual scars, cancer can change a person in incredibly profound and unanticipated ways. Fit Steps for Life is an organization that serves as a "stabilizer," not just during treatment, but for life after treatment. Exercise during cancer treatment might seem like a no-brainer - of course, exercise helps! But, there is so much more when one is dealing with cancer. There are days when walking to the living room is a struggle; when you don't understand why you are trying to run a route you've run hundreds of times, yet you trip and fall, over and over and over again; when you try to maintain your level of activity, only to find yourself struggling to breathe 10 minutes in. It's at times like these that Fit Steps is most needed. Not only do they help with exercise plans, they help explain what is happening with your body during and after treatment. They keep you grounded, encourage you, and reassure you.
Please join me in supporting these phenomenal people as they continue to strengthen, encourage, and help others learning to deal with life and cancer!
Goal: $300.00
17% Funded

by Julie McDougal
Goal: $10,000.00
2% Funded

Our Grief Journey Never Ends
by Patricia Glass
I remember in the hospital the Social Worker gave me a folder and in this folder was a pamphlet for The Children's Park and Glory Babies. Little did I know then how this park would change my life. We started with The Children's Park, we donated to the park to receive a tree in Maxwell's memory. This place was dedicated to our son, this gave us a place to heal and mourn. This following month we went to our first Glory Babies meeting. It was transformative to say the least... Here I was with a group of families that know how I feel, who have been where I am. It gave me so much hope that I could make it too. At the end of the meeting Jennifer closed with prayer and for the first time I heard someone I didn't know say Maxwell's name. I started crying, it felt so good to hear his name. It meant the world to me.

I don't know where I would be now without The Children's Park, Glory Babies, or the wonderful group of bereaved Mom's and Dad's. They helped me through my grief journey and still help me everyday. I ask that you donate to help other families through their grief journey. Your gift will help The Children's Park keep their services free or affordable so that they can comfort others with the comfort they have received from God.
Goal: $500.00
50% Funded

In memory of Braden
by Jennifer Carson
The Children's Park is a special place for me! It's where I deposited all my grief energy after losing our son 21 years ago. I've learned so much since then! I've learned how important it is to have a safe place to grieve, especially after the death of a child. It's hard to find places in our culture where it's okay to talk about our losses. The park provides that. It is the conversation to have while there. Engraving stones, hosting remembrance walks, monthly support groups all provide opportunities to help people grieve. We want to provide our services for free so need a team of people in the background to make it happen! We'd be honored for you to join us!!!
Goal: $500.00
73% Funded

by Michael Cichowicz
East Texas Veterans Community Council, dba, CAMPV is a unique 20 acres multipurposed campus and robust referral system. Our mission is to integrate military and civilian resources through one central location providing efficient and effective support and fellowship for Veterans, active duty, reserves, guard, and their families.

CAMPV is an incredibly special place! It is a multipurposed facility designed to meet the needs of Veterans throughout the East Texas region. Founded in 2017, CAMPV opened in November 2019 and has provided the finest possible Veteran support by reaching 600 plus individuals during its brief history. Serving Veterans and their families and providing stability and encouragement is CAMPV's highest priority. Assimilating Veteran skills and abilities, along with integrating their valuable heritage as national Patriots, will strengthen and enrich the communities of East Texas. Enhancing a meaningful and marketable job market with highly skilled and talented former military personnel will certainly enrich the quality of life for all East Texans.

This is an exciting time to be associated with CAMPV as it is entering a new era of assistance for Veterans. With an increasing number of men and women returning home from active duty, there is a calling for the East Texas civilian community to engage in their assimilation. These brave Veterans have sacrificed so much for us, now is the time for us to support CAMPV for them! CAMPV is such a place where Veterans in need of acceptance, appreciation and support can join hearts and hands with members of the local community for a wonderful partnership of like mindedness and purpose. During these difficult days of the COVID 19 epidemic, Veteran suicides are reaching an alarming rate of 20%, which is a tragic dilemma!

CAMPV is building a highly qualified staff, developing plans for new facilities, expanding curriculum offerings, and promoting answers to meet these Veteran needs. CAMPV is poised to be a dynamic force in Veterans service offerings for the East Texas Region and perhaps beyond into additional rural communities of the country.

Our vision is to build a community of Veteran support in 14 counties: Anderson, Camp, Cherokee, Gregg, Harrison, Henderson, Marion, Panola, Rains, Rusk, Smith, Upshur, Van Zandt and Wood.

• East Texas is 2nd highest concentration of Veteran Population (ref. TVC 2016 Survey).
• 1st with the least number of regional support organizations: 17,871 vets per organization - 9 listed in survey (ref. TVC 2016 Survey).

Our current referral system is comprised of 8 on site Veteran Service Providers, 6 Volunteer Veteran Advocates, and numerous community agencies providing excellent Veteran care. The campus currently offers the main Resource Center, an R & R building, and opening Spring of 2021, a dedicated Women Veterans' building.
Goal: $300.00
0% Funded

Texas African American Museum
by Laramie Jackson
TAAM tells the history and story of so many Texas and East Texas Legends. It's rich culture and artifacts help remember those who have impacted our communities and paved a way for so many today. TAAM's mission is to bring the community together through various Community Events throughout the year. Help us renovate and transform our new location by donating to our Million Dollar Renovation Campaign today.
Goal: $100,000.00
0% Funded