All Saints Episcopal School

Igniting Passions to Impact Our World

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Address: 2695 SSW Loop 323
Tyler, TX 75701
Phone: 903-579-6000
Matching Funds Amount: $2,000.00
All Saints Episcopal School is an independent school for students in 3K through the twelfth grade. Offering a challenging, college prep curriculum in a nurturing, Christian environment, All Saints has earned a reputation for excellence.

As a school of inquiry, innovation, and impact we are designing programs and spaces that allow students to explore their questions, passions, and interests in a hands-on, experiential learning environment. All Saints focuses on helping each student identify his or her individual talents and areas of interest and then teaches students how to build on those gifts for a lifetime of success.

The result is a school where creativity and self-expression are encouraged, and students are engaged, equipped and ready to lead into the 21st Century. Through our small classes, nurturing environment, and innovative programs students are inspired, encouraged, and compelled to become designers, developers, collaborators, and leaders ready to make a difference in the world.

All Saints provides an inclusive, nurturing Christian environment where students reach their full potential academically, athletically, artistically, and spiritually as we ignite passions to impact our world.

Your gift today is supporting programs that are critical to the All Saints experience! Donations to All Saints Episcopal School are investments of resources that ensures we can continue to provide an innovative, creative, and memorable student experience that inspires and engages. This will help strengthen and sustain our operating budget as the cost of tuition does not fully fund our school. Gifts to All Saints enables our school to continue to provide the very best educational experience for our students!