Cancer Foundation For Life, Inc

Cancer Foundation For Life's mission is to expand FitSteps for Life to serve as many cancer patients as possible, improve the quality of life and survival for individuals living with cancer, and incorporate individually tailored and supervised exercise treatment as a standard of care in oncology practice.

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Address: P.O. Box 8257
Tyler, TX 75711
Phone: 903-561-0149
FitSteps For Life includes aerobic exercise; resistance training; core strengthening; and stretching/flexibility training. It is the first and only-known nonprofit organization in the nation to establish a community-based, free and limitless exercise treatment for cancer. It is available to adult cancer patients regardless of position in the treatment continuum (just diagnosed, in relapse, in remission or cured), degree of debilitation (oxygen or wheelchair dependent), type/stage of cancer, or the presence of other co-morbidities. Through individual donations, public and private foundation gifts, fundraisers, grants and partnering with health care providers, the program is provided free of charge for the patient's lifetime.

Your gift will motivate cancer survivors who, without you, might not have the means to visit one of our cancer exercise centers. You can provide the tools for improving mobility, regaining independence, restoring hope and much more. Your generosity gives the participants a safe and inspiring environment to exercise and fellowship with other individuals who share a common goal-to survive cancer and live the best quality of life possible. You can help fight cancer and change lives right here in East Texas.