CampV integrates civilian and military resources to one, centralized location in Tyler, providing a more efficient and effective process for veteran, active service members, and their families who seek assistance.

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Address: 3212 Chandler Hwy
Tyler, TX 75702
Phone: 903-566-1010
CampV is defined in it's name, a Community Assisting Military People and Veterans (CampV). Whether it is an active military person's spouse who would like to welcome support from other military families; or a veteran who needs help with housing; or maybe an active member getting out of service and transitioning into their community; CampV is a one-stop shop for military resources and support. The facility will include all of the Greater East Texas military and veteran services, including the Smith County VSO, Greenzone, Andrew's Center, and more. The service providers not able to physically locate to our facility will still be included our database for an efficient referral and follow up process for those who seek assistance.